RELEASE WEEK EVENT: Truth or Dare by Sloan Johnson: Review and Teasers

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Truth Or Dare


Lea Baker fell in love with Colby Davis four years ago. The problem? He sees her as one of the guys.

After the party from hell, both of them will be forced to face their true feelings for one another. Once the truth comes out, everything changes.

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Truth or Dare…do you remember playing that game when you were younger? It’s a game that allows risks to be taken and exposes hard truths that maybe wouldn’t ordinarily be told. For Lea Baker and Colby Davis, the game gives the two best friends an opportunity to fess up to feelings that have always been there; it gives them a chance to become what they’ve always wanted to be – a couple.

Truth or Dare by Sloan Johnson is the first novella in a 5 part serial following Lea and Colby as they try to make…

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