The Voice Behind the Audios of Sharon Hamilton’s Audio-books

Meet the Narrator, J.D. Hart

J.D. The Pirate

Award winning actor J.D. Hart began his career at the age of 18 in radio where he used to produce and narrate a popular show called, “The Unexplained”.

After moving to Nashville, Hart became an MCA recording artist touring in China, Japan and Brazil as well as performing regularly at the world famous, Gilley’s.

When Chevrolet offered Hart a five-year contract to be their TV spokesperson, he left the music business and became a full time actor and voice-over talent.

Hart has appeared in over 24 films, starring in four films. As a commercial actor, he has appeared as the spokesperson in over a thousand commercials.

As the natural evolution of an actor happens, Hart began narrating and performing audio books. He is often referred to as the “Golden Voice” of audio books. He has recently teamed up with New York Times & USA Today best-selling  author Sharon Hamilton. Hart considers himself a storyteller as opposed to a narrator.

“Working with Sharon allows all of my creative energy to focus on bringing her books to life, as an actor, storyteller and human being”, Hart says. “It’s very much the same as making a feature film, only Sharon is the director and I get to be the entire cast, which I love”.

Learn more about J.D on his Facebook page, The Pirate Storyteller

Cruisin’ For A SEAL

Book 5 in the SEAL Brotherhood Series

Audible Amazon

crusin for a seal

Fallen SEAL Legacy

Book 2 In the SEAL Brotherhood Series

Audible Amazon

fallin fora seal

Heavenly Lover

Book 1, The Guardians

Audible Amazon

heavenly love

Honeymoon Bite

Book 1, Golden Vampires of Tuscany Series

Audible Amazon

honeymoon bite

SEAL the Deal

Book 4 in the SEAL Brotherhood Series

Audible Amazon

seal thedeal

SEAL of My Heart

Seal Brotherhood, Book 7

Audible Amazon

seal my heart

Seal My Destiny

Book 6 in SEAL Brotherhood Series

Audible Amazon

seal my destany

SEAL Under Covers

Book 3 in the SEAL Brotherhood Series


sealundercoverAccidental SEAL

Book 1 in the Seal Brotherhood Series

Audible Amazon

accidental seal


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