SUNDAYS WITH SHARON I love these so much!


by Sharon



I’ve bought several colorful pieces of artwork over the past year that just make me happy looking at them. I bought this piece to celebrate the completion of another book. I knew when I first saw it, I had to have it. We decided to prominently display it in our living room. It was something that characterizes our family, and our family’s history. Since the words on the piece might be too small to see, I thought I’d list them in this post.



1. We do second chances.
2. We do grace.
3. We do real.
4. We do mistakes.
5. We do I‘m sorrys.
6. We do loud, really well.
7. We do hugs.
8. We do family.
9. We do love.

Sometimes I think we spend too much time thinking about the things that didn’t go right, when all the great lessons in life come from the things that go a little wrong. Sometimes that go a lot wrong. I’ve been spending a lot of time writing recently about family, or lack of family, and how that impacts a character in my story. My family is very important to me. And just like everyone’s it too is flawed. But yes, I believe in second chances, in being loud, in loving more than disapproving, making mistakes and being sorry.

I just thought I’d keep it simple today. Keep it real.

What about you?


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