Make it STORM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you ready to make some THUNDER for SEAL’s Promise?! 

I need you for a Thunderclap! Thunderclap is a great way for a group of people to send a message on social media all at the same time, in effect creating a THUNDERCLAP.

Here’s the link to sign up & be part of this exciting announcement:

It is a simple 3-step promo and all you need is a FB, Twitter or Tumblr account. Do 3 clicks now and Thunderclap will take care of posting for you next week when SEAL’s Promise is released.

I have attached a graphic for you to show you what you need to do for Twitter (it’s the same process for FB & Tumblr too). Just 3 quick steps and you’re helping me promote SEAL’s Promise. Easy peasy! :)

Thunderclap instructions graphic

Click on this link to be part of Sharon’s first ever Thunderclap! 

Please share with your friends and networks. Let’s get the thunder going for SEAL’s Promise


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