Lions Book Promotions (Author Services) Check them out!

I have a few Questions for Lions Book Promotions.

Q; I understand you are a new company, seeking to help authors get their work out there in a less expensive way, yet effective. Can you tell me what services you offer?

A; Lions Book Promotions is looking for reviewers, bloggers, and assistants. Please pm me if you care to participate in the Lions Book Promotions team!
Join Lions Book Review/Beta team.

Q; How would an author go about getting started with the service that you offer?

A; The author would go to the link and sign up. Here’s the link to sign up –

Q; Does Lions Book Promotions have a facebook and website, so that my readers can check you out?

A; Yes, Lions Book Promotions Face Book Page – Please love and share. 
Lions Book Promotions Blog – construction)

We have an event coming up; Please join the fun! Meet and greet the authors!! Please share the event! FB is being funny again!! Enter to win a gift for inviting! Enter your favorite author!

Go to event to a chance to win a gift!

Authors, let us hear you ROAR!!!

Here’s the link to join the event for a take over slot!

Please Contact Cindy Tibbitts with any questions.

It’s all about the authors!! We Are Authors! Hear Us Roar!!

Lions Book Promotions offers author services at reasonable competitive prices! Lions offers blog tours, shout outs, twitter shouts, events hosting, graphic design, swags, editing, book trailers, banners, teasers, soon will be offering press releases, formatting, and custom work.

Reviews are guaranteed in the book tours! Limited reviews per packages.
Note- reviews are not bought, guaranteed means that we will provide genuine honest reviews that are included in packages.

Dates are filling up so please contact me, per pm to work out details.
Lions requires a least 2 weeks window to work on your tour.

Please love us, pimp us, and join us!

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