Days 6 & 7 of 31

Okay, you got me, but in all fairness, I have written well over five hundred words on several of my days already. That’s the best defense I have. The only excuse I have is a crazy freaking weekend so I do hope you will forgive me for getting behind.

Ok well I just wrote 300 words and deleted them because I thought better of telling the story I was going to share. Just know, my weekend could have been much better.

Well I have told you now about my Daddy’s relatives who have passed and his living sister, but I forgot to mention he has a living brother still. Uncle Roger; he is a super nice guy, also extremely funny and handsome like my dad. Uncle Reggie and my dad were almost twins they looked so much alike. They had a big beautiful family.  My uncle, bless his heart, is an undertaker and has assisted with the funerals and burials of all his family including his brothers, sisters, niece, nephews, and great niece. It has to be the hardest thing in the world to do every day.

On my mom’s side, I told you about all the family members that have passed. I miss them all. We do have two family members from my mom’s side of the family that are still with us.  My Aunt Bonnie for one; what can I say about someone that has been there for me since I can remember. She has taught me things and helped me in so many ways. She has supported us all when we needed someone to be there for us. She is a constant. When she is gone, I don’t know what I will do, because I cannot imagine my life without Bonnie. I love her to the moon and back.

We still have one uncle as well. Uncle Billy. I used to think he was so cool when I was a kid. He always had wicked cool cars and had a real job but he wasn’t even married yet. I know that doesn’t sound like a big deal but I was amazed by him when I was young in any case. Billy grew up to run supermarkets, then restaurants. He is now a distract manager for K&W. I told you he was a smart cookie. He has been married and has a daughter. I know it has to be hard for he and Bonnie, just as it is for Tina and I. He has seen either four or five sisters, pass away in his lifetime. I am not too sure about the one or two that were really young when they passed away, if Billy was born yet.  Tina and I have two sisters and a brother that have passed and we are not old.

Now you know all my birth family, now tomorrow I will introduce you to the most perfect, sweetest, most beautiful children in the world. I may even fill you in on their dads if you really want to know. Till then, talk to you later.


Day 5 of 31

We have made it to day five of thirty one so I must applaud you if you are still reading this. I must say, my life is a complete bore, however, my family, that is a different story. I have some unique and wonderful family members I must say. Today, I want to dove into my mother’s side of the family. I must tell you, both sides have many casualties and there are very few of us left so I will begin with those who have gone on before us.

My Mother was a sweet lady, she had a loving heart and did not enjoying disciplining at all. She worked long hard hours after her and my dad split up and we didn’t see her much, but when we spent time with her, she was a fun loving and sweet person to be around. There were a few times I pushed her to the max, I had a way of doing that in the days. But I loved my mom and respected her for the hard work and hard life she had. She never had it easy.

My Grandma Richardson, Oh my gosh, sweet, sweet lady and she could sew anything. She made clothes and doll clothes, heck even Barbie clothes. She could cook better than anyone I knew. Her cakes were the best I ever had. The icing, I will never ever forget.  She and Grandpa always had a garden. He worked a fulltime job at a tobacco company, but came home each day and worked his garden. My grandma, cooked, canned, and froze the veggies they picked. Oh yes, she was the best.

Grandpa Richardson was a mess, he came home one day, I guess he was in his fifties, all excited, waving a blue piece of paper around. “Guess what I finally got? The first one I have ever gotten in my life.”  He had gotten a speeding ticket and was happy about it. I told you my family was nuts, ha, ha, ha.  He was a mess.

My Aunt Lorraine, She was beautiful. I remember her smile and her laugh. She always loved me and I loved spending time there with her and her boys, my cousins. It was lots of fun . They made over me like I was somebody special. You know how little girls love that crap.

Aunt Lila, well gosh, she is another gone too soon and so loved. I will never forget her loving motherly ways. Her soft spoken voice and her heart of gold made her unique. She would have given you the shirt off her back. She was a precious jewel.

My Cousin Ricky, Lorraine’s son, oh how I hated to see him go. I know he is in a better place, and I thank God he assured us all he was ready to go, but he has children that miss him so much, and grandbabies, and so much of his life had just begun. He died way too soon. This was the story of way too many people in my family unfortunately. We have lost so many early in life. Their lives cut short for one reason or another. I didn’t get to spend any time with Ricky in his last living years and for that I will always regret. I know I will have many regrets in the future as well unless God chooses to take me home next.

Day 4 of 31

Wow, day 4 of 31…..Are you sure you haven’t fallen asleep yet? Hello….hello?? Oh well, I will continue anyway. I said I would do it. Where was I. Ok well I introduced you to some of my Daddy’s side of my family but I still have a few before I move on to my Mom’s because there are definitely more who shaped me into the incredible person I am today. Stop laughing! Why are you laughing at me? That wasn’t supposed to be funny. Geez.  Okay anyway, My Granny was a huge part of my life. If she wanted to or not, she sort of got stuck with me when no one else could “Deal with me.”

I told you I was quite a hand full. She was horribly mean; she made me take baths, go to bed at a decent hour. She made me do my homework. She made sure I actually went to school. She even made me go to church. She made me wear nice clothes and throw out my old hole filled jeans. She even made me buy shoes that fit. What was she thinking? To top it all off, when I got myself in real trouble, she sacrificed to get me into a dumb private school so I would not be in my old friend’s crowd. How horrible right?

Wrong, wrong and so wrong. When I lived with my Granny I swear to you, I thought she was the meanest woman on earth. The truth is, I wasn’t used to rules or supervision. I wasn’t used to anyone looking out for me or watching me making sure I did right. I didn’t like it for those reasons. But if it had not been for my granny, I know now, I would probably not even be here right now. I was living a horrible awful life of alcohol and drugs and just no pride in myself what so ever. All I cared about was getting my next high. I wanted to escape life. So I owe her everything, and until I get to heaven, I will never get to tell her that. She will never know how I feel.

My Aunt Pattie, she is funny too but maybe the more serious of the rest. She has always been the one that has worried over the rest of the family, much like Granny, but has a heart of gold. Her daughter, my cousins, one is my older sister’s age, the other my middle sister’s age, but we hung out as we grew up, all the time. We became very close. She was my best friend for years. We talked about everything and she knew me better than anyone else. She knew I was in love with the boy down the street. No one believed it was real. Oh, but it was so real. True love never dies and my love for him started when I was fourteen and still lives on through three husbands and three children and two losses and so many years and miles apart. True love survives even death.

Day 3 of 31-

Wow, I know you are bound to be saying, “This girl is nuts.”

Well, yeah, kinda sorta. I guess I was born this way. I am just sticking to my roots.  I can from a long line of crazy people.  My grandpa, I lived with him a large part of my growing years, and he was a nut. I used to love going outside when he did so I could just listen to his stories. He would call them tall tells from Short Fellow.

One of those he was constantly telling me I was going to grow up and have a set of red headed twins. My Grandpa was German and he wanted a red headed grandchild I believe.  Once he said I would name my twins, Pete and Repete; and then another time he said I would name them Stake and Mistake. What a catbird my grandpa was. I loved him so. I really do miss him.

My uncle Reggie, wow, he was always cutting up and picking on somebody. My sister went to stay at his house with his daughter one summer. While she was there, the two girls were going on a double date. They took a long time getting ready so when the boys came to the door, my uncle Reggie answered the door. He introduced himself, shook both their hands, and when Tina and Shelby came down, Reggie looked at Tina and said, “Tina he isn’t as ugly as you said he was.” (No Tina never said he was ugly) Tina felt like crawling under something.

My Aunt Becky, She was funny, she laughed all the time. I kid you not, if she fell down she would laugh so hard she would have a hard time getting up. If you feel in front of her, I hope you are not expecting her to help you up because she will be too busy laughing. She joked just like the rest. I think it was just in the bloodline. All of them would keep you in stitches.

The one I miss the most is my dad. He was my hero, and in my eyes, no matter what he did, he was the wisest man I knew. If I needed advise or someone to talk to, I talked to my dad. I don’t know why but it was easier for me to talk to him than my mom. But my dad, he was a nut too. He joked around all the time. Even with cancer all over his body, and you knew he was in pain, he laughed and cut up. I miss that laugh, that smile that made me feel that all was right with the world.

I ran away with my sister when my baby girl was seven, for the weekend, to my Daddy’s. I left kids with their father so I could have some me time. I am so glad I did. This was not long before we found out he had cancer. This particular trip, we went to a country western bar with my dad and his roommate that was about the same age as me I think. I am the baby so I was about thirty two at the time, my sister was about thirty three so Daddy had three women on his Arms in their early thirties walking into that bar and we all sat at a table.

Daddy got up to dance with his room- mate and I guess this made guys think he was just here with her, so they started asking us to dance. We didn’t bother to say no we are married, instead we both said, no thank you, we are with him. We watched them dance, and then we each danced with Daddy too. Oh how special to dance with my Daddy. What a treasured memory I now have to keep.  It made my daddy feel good too having all the men envy him in the bar. We all thought it was funny. After we left the bar we all laughed all the way back to Daddy’s Condo.

Day 2 of 31- Bored yet?

I’m sorry guys, I know my life is no big fun filled ball of joy to read about. I will try to pour a little honey on it to sweeten it when I can.

As I sit here stuffing my face with Hershey kisses and mini Reese’s cups, I will tell you, I am a professional dieter. I have had a love hate relationship with food since I quit smoking years ago and I went from one hundred pounds to one fifty in about a year. It had been years since I had gained weight. Even through the birth of two children, I gained like fifteen pounds each time but lost it all before my six week checkup. After the first year, I gained about another ten pounds each year after, every year, till I reached two hundred and thirty pounds.
I looked in the mirror one day and just cried. I am the youngest of three girls in our family and was always the smallest. I stood looking in the mirror, now the largest sister of the three. I just could not believe I have gotten so big and I just could not seem to help myself. I have fibromyalgia which makes it really hard to exercise. Even walking very far is hard. My legs and back just kills me. The depression that comes with fibromyalgia, combined with depression from my weight, and then so many losses at once in my life, (Will explain later) I just ate, the more depressed I became. The more I ate the more I gained, which made me more depressed. I lost my job, another brownie point.
In six years I have lost seven people in my family, very near and dear to my heart. Three I sat with as they too their last breath. I lost my mother, My aunt , My nice, then my uncle, my cousin, my uncle and last but definitely not least, my dear sister that was like a second mom to me. Do you have any idea what that kind of loss does to your mind and your body. I thought I would lose my mind. My diet flew out the window again, after losing seventy pounds, I have now gained twenty back. I am ashamed of myself for being so weak, but I don’t drink or do drugs, so I eat.
To be exact, I am a sugar addict and a chocoholic. I need to find a CA meeting locally. Maybe I will form one. I’m sure I am not alone. When I went back to my doctor and said…”Help” he told me I am grieving, plain and simple. This is how I am dealing with the multiple losses I have dealt with, the best I can. When I am ready to begin again to work on me again, I already know what to do, just do it. So when I start over and am ready to fix me, he will be there. Nice to know someone will be. I miss my family so bad.
I write about love, loss, happiness, tragedy, things that happen, things that are real. I write fiction but I write to get the pain out of me.

Day 1 of my 500 words

Boy, are you in for a treat. My life is so interesting, I am sure to keep you on the edge of your seat for the next thirty one full days. This should be really interesting. I hope you know I am joking. My life truthfully is pretty boring now. It hasn’t always been. In my younger years I created my own drama if there wasn’t enough around me going on. I could barely get enough of it.
I am married, I have three children, three husbands, and so many children I have adopted, or that adopted me, that I totally lost count. Not legally adopted, but it seemed all my children’s friends loved me and called me mom eventually as well so to hear everyone talking I would say I have dozens of children. I don’t mind, I love them all.
I Have Fibromyalgia, and sometimes it feels more like it has me. I have some good days, where I actually get some things accomplished. I have some so so days, that I get a little done, but I have some days that I cannot get a blasted thing done, between the pain and the brain fog. My writing is off, my brain can’t think, I can’t spell worth a darn and I just quit on those days.
I will try to make up for those days by writing extra on my good days so that it does not kill my goal for the final word count at the end of this challenge. I am not one that likes to talk about myself a whole lot because I either feel that I will come across as poor pitiful me looking for someone to feel sorry for the hell I went through in my past, or I will come across as seeking self -praise for having survived it all.
I am here to say neither is true. I know for whom I am to be grateful. God rescued me, it was God who saved me from the road I was on, and from the enemy that was seeking to destroy me, literally. I cannot take any credit for coming out of the fire in my life, because I never was strong enough to pull myself out. Had it been up to me, I would still be out there messed up on drugs and alone. That is if I were still alive today at all. Many of my friends are not here anymore.
I grew up in a time that was confusing anyway for kids, because we were too young to be hippies, but we all knew some. But cutting our hair, coming out of our torn up bell bottom jeans, wearing bras, those things were not appealing at all. Smoking pot to get through the school day, getting drunk off campus at lunch, skipping class and just sitting out in the smoking area instead; these are the things that we did, we were not hippies but were a confused generation.


I have agreed to be part of a 31-day challenge to write 500 words per day about myself, my world, and the real reality. Being an author, we find ourselves in the eye of the public more often than not. I am not trying to sound vain, or of great importance, I just know that it is expected of us to appear publicly on occasion. There are times when I may or may not be able to respond right away but please always know, every message I get, from every fan is important to me.

My hope is that this will help you to get to know me better. You will understand why I write the way I do. My passions. Maybe even what I am scared of. I want people to know, I am strong, I am a survivor, I have come a long way and I am proud of what I have come out of. But I also what my fans, my friends, my street team, to know I am human. I have weaknesses. I cry too. I dream too. I love and get hurt. That’s how I can write about so many things.

Join me during the next 31 days while I share myself with you, deeply.


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I’m here in Tucson as I write this blog this morning. When I checked into the Arizona Inn Friday night, the first thing to greet me by my courtyard entrance was a blooming orange tree. Have you ever walked under a huge orange bush/tree and smelled those blossoms? Like nothing else on this earth. I robbed a small twig, and put it on the bedside table and let it have its way with my muse all night. They had a good time….
There will be more about this in my next newsletter. And we will be giving the quilt I made away to some lucky reader. I hope it’s you. I wish I had the fingers and the time to make all of you one, but perhaps in another lifetime. Right now, I’m only given this snippet of time and I’m making the most of it. IMG_6798
Last week I spent from Sunday night to Wednesday at Bishop’s Ranch in Healdsburg, California. Healdsburg is important to me because several of my stories take place here. The Monteleone vineyard is here where Marcus and Ann make love in the vineyards and the bloom of their love lasts forever. Hugh Jett combs the bars in downtown Healdsburg doing security for the Monteleones (a book to come later this year). Daniel and Claire walk the square in Heavenly Lover at Christmas time, and Claire, the guardian angel who falls in love with her human charge, joins the angel display in one of the store windows and surprises Daniel. Daniel signs children’s books in the book store on the square. Tyler visits Kate at the family winery here, and they stay at a bed and breakfast near downtown, in SEAL Of My Heart. The town is one of my favorites to write.
Bishop’s Ranch is a place of retreat and reflection, run by caring staff who are all about the experience of spiritual and personal growth. I’m going to make it a must-do each month, for a self-imposed writing cave. I think better there, just as a change of pace.IMG_6788
The quilting retreat is the second year for me. My friend Jody comes with me, and I’m always amazed at the beautiful pieces others have done. We “stitch and bitch” as they say, but mostly we laugh, listen to music, and just marvel at the beautiful surroundings. I walked the labyrinth, walked under blooming trees, and in general just watched the countryside just begin to lush up with green grasses and see the vineyards beginning to bud. Almost like mother nature takes a big gulp of air and sighs before the frenzy of the wine business takes over. IMG_6746
We all come together, women from different parts of the state, and share the love of quilting and fellowship. I always learn so much. I bought a craft iron and a seam stick for ironing absolutely flat seams, watched techniques of paper piecing and measuring, learned the power of advanced preparation and planning, and discussed and indulged in all the beautiful colors of the fabric. We are like a quilt of many colors: some red, flowered, striped, patterns of the sunset. The theme for the retreat was the daybreak quilt I show up top, but I had the mission to finish mine so I could do a giveaway on the Newsletter. (Remember, if you’re a subscriber, you’ll have a chance to get in on the drawing.) IMG_6742
We are the sum total of all our experiences, and like the scenes from my stories, these have either been lived, or imagined. Parts of them are bright, parts sultry and sexy, parts emotional, and some dangerous or fearsome. Homefully all the stories are fearsome! I put myself into experiences so I can call out my treasure trove of many colors and bring them to my books. I’m drawn to the stories of the Underground Railroad and the secret messages contained in the quilts. Even during the Revolutionary War there were messages relayed by the women through quilting, the hanging of laundry beside the house, to give signals to the young patriot army. It is a rich history of this nation. I spoke at length with a woman yesterday who reads mainly black history books, and we discussed these quilts for a few minutes. We doesn’t read me, but we have the love of history and the lives of our forefathers in common.
Living a colorful life filled with life experiences is what keeps me young. I hope that as I piece together the fabric of the rest of my life, that my quilt will be as beautiful and colorful as some of these, with stories so compelling, they are difficult to put down. And I’m glad I have you to come along with me. Thank you for that, by the way. Sometimes I don’t say it enough. IMG_6850

SUNDAYS WITH SHARON….Oh how I enjoy these!

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images-6I totally missed the passing of Rod McKuen this January. Just like so many things in life, we miss important events when we’re rushing off to do all the stuff we do, those endless activities we do to stay busy, become successful. I literally forgot to stop and smell the roses and missed this milestone.
A roommate of mine in college turned me on to Rod McKuen, in the height of his popularity. A poet who dared to say things about love and loving, he moved my heart in ways I knew were important, and would be more important later on. Filled with those flower-filled days of first new loves, I look back on that time with fondness, somewhat immune to the many heartaches that are now faded memories. The passion for love and the love of life lingers in all its living color, happily, even though the pain of loss, but more the loss of what could have been, has softened. images-10
I always wanted to meet Rod McKuen, who was born in Oakland, California, abandoned by his father at birth and ran away from home when he was 11. He would go on to write for Sinatra, and was recorded by Johnny Cash, Madonna, Barbara Streisand and many others. He sold out Carnegie Hall, and used to do a birthday concert there every year (I always thought it was fate that he and I almost share the same birthday). Who can forget his lovely song Jean from The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie? He wrote about places the Bay Area used to be. Stanyan Street is one of my favorite poems here:

Some other great quotes from McKuen:
“This is the way it was while I was waiting for your eyes to find me.”
“I have fallen in love with the world
And I am aware that I have chosen
the most dangerous lover of them all.” imgres
“No map to help us find the tranquil flat lands, clearings calm, fields without mean fences. Rolling down the other side of life our compass is the sureness of ourselves. Time may make us rugged, ragged round the edges, but know and understand that love is still the safest place to land.”
Thank you, my love, a lover I never met, kissed or held hands with. Thank you for sharing the insides of your soul, for awakening in me that true passion for life. I vow that, no matter how busy I get, that I won’t forget to remember, and to listen to the warm, or forget the sea.

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