Day 3 of 31-

Wow, I know you are bound to be saying, “This girl is nuts.”

Well, yeah, kinda sorta. I guess I was born this way. I am just sticking to my roots.  I can from a long line of crazy people.  My grandpa, I lived with him a large part of my growing years, and he was a nut. I used to love going outside when he did so I could just listen to his stories. He would call them tall tells from Short Fellow.

One of those he was constantly telling me I was going to grow up and have a set of red headed twins. My Grandpa was German and he wanted a red headed grandchild I believe.  Once he said I would name my twins, Pete and Repete; and then another time he said I would name them Stake and Mistake. What a catbird my grandpa was. I loved him so. I really do miss him.

My uncle Reggie, wow, he was always cutting up and picking on somebody. My sister went to stay at his house with his daughter one summer. While she was there, the two girls were going on a double date. They took a long time getting ready so when the boys came to the door, my uncle Reggie answered the door. He introduced himself, shook both their hands, and when Tina and Shelby came down, Reggie looked at Tina and said, “Tina he isn’t as ugly as you said he was.” (No Tina never said he was ugly) Tina felt like crawling under something.

My Aunt Becky, She was funny, she laughed all the time. I kid you not, if she fell down she would laugh so hard she would have a hard time getting up. If you feel in front of her, I hope you are not expecting her to help you up because she will be too busy laughing. She joked just like the rest. I think it was just in the bloodline. All of them would keep you in stitches.

The one I miss the most is my dad. He was my hero, and in my eyes, no matter what he did, he was the wisest man I knew. If I needed advise or someone to talk to, I talked to my dad. I don’t know why but it was easier for me to talk to him than my mom. But my dad, he was a nut too. He joked around all the time. Even with cancer all over his body, and you knew he was in pain, he laughed and cut up. I miss that laugh, that smile that made me feel that all was right with the world.

I ran away with my sister when my baby girl was seven, for the weekend, to my Daddy’s. I left kids with their father so I could have some me time. I am so glad I did. This was not long before we found out he had cancer. This particular trip, we went to a country western bar with my dad and his roommate that was about the same age as me I think. I am the baby so I was about thirty two at the time, my sister was about thirty three so Daddy had three women on his Arms in their early thirties walking into that bar and we all sat at a table.

Daddy got up to dance with his room- mate and I guess this made guys think he was just here with her, so they started asking us to dance. We didn’t bother to say no we are married, instead we both said, no thank you, we are with him. We watched them dance, and then we each danced with Daddy too. Oh how special to dance with my Daddy. What a treasured memory I now have to keep.  It made my daddy feel good too having all the men envy him in the bar. We all thought it was funny. After we left the bar we all laughed all the way back to Daddy’s Condo.


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