Day 4 of 31

Wow, day 4 of 31…..Are you sure you haven’t fallen asleep yet? Hello….hello?? Oh well, I will continue anyway. I said I would do it. Where was I. Ok well I introduced you to some of my Daddy’s side of my family but I still have a few before I move on to my Mom’s because there are definitely more who shaped me into the incredible person I am today. Stop laughing! Why are you laughing at me? That wasn’t supposed to be funny. Geez.  Okay anyway, My Granny was a huge part of my life. If she wanted to or not, she sort of got stuck with me when no one else could “Deal with me.”

I told you I was quite a hand full. She was horribly mean; she made me take baths, go to bed at a decent hour. She made me do my homework. She made sure I actually went to school. She even made me go to church. She made me wear nice clothes and throw out my old hole filled jeans. She even made me buy shoes that fit. What was she thinking? To top it all off, when I got myself in real trouble, she sacrificed to get me into a dumb private school so I would not be in my old friend’s crowd. How horrible right?

Wrong, wrong and so wrong. When I lived with my Granny I swear to you, I thought she was the meanest woman on earth. The truth is, I wasn’t used to rules or supervision. I wasn’t used to anyone looking out for me or watching me making sure I did right. I didn’t like it for those reasons. But if it had not been for my granny, I know now, I would probably not even be here right now. I was living a horrible awful life of alcohol and drugs and just no pride in myself what so ever. All I cared about was getting my next high. I wanted to escape life. So I owe her everything, and until I get to heaven, I will never get to tell her that. She will never know how I feel.

My Aunt Pattie, she is funny too but maybe the more serious of the rest. She has always been the one that has worried over the rest of the family, much like Granny, but has a heart of gold. Her daughter, my cousins, one is my older sister’s age, the other my middle sister’s age, but we hung out as we grew up, all the time. We became very close. She was my best friend for years. We talked about everything and she knew me better than anyone else. She knew I was in love with the boy down the street. No one believed it was real. Oh, but it was so real. True love never dies and my love for him started when I was fourteen and still lives on through three husbands and three children and two losses and so many years and miles apart. True love survives even death.


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