Day 5 of 31

We have made it to day five of thirty one so I must applaud you if you are still reading this. I must say, my life is a complete bore, however, my family, that is a different story. I have some unique and wonderful family members I must say. Today, I want to dove into my mother’s side of the family. I must tell you, both sides have many casualties and there are very few of us left so I will begin with those who have gone on before us.

My Mother was a sweet lady, she had a loving heart and did not enjoying disciplining at all. She worked long hard hours after her and my dad split up and we didn’t see her much, but when we spent time with her, she was a fun loving and sweet person to be around. There were a few times I pushed her to the max, I had a way of doing that in the days. But I loved my mom and respected her for the hard work and hard life she had. She never had it easy.

My Grandma Richardson, Oh my gosh, sweet, sweet lady and she could sew anything. She made clothes and doll clothes, heck even Barbie clothes. She could cook better than anyone I knew. Her cakes were the best I ever had. The icing, I will never ever forget.  She and Grandpa always had a garden. He worked a fulltime job at a tobacco company, but came home each day and worked his garden. My grandma, cooked, canned, and froze the veggies they picked. Oh yes, she was the best.

Grandpa Richardson was a mess, he came home one day, I guess he was in his fifties, all excited, waving a blue piece of paper around. “Guess what I finally got? The first one I have ever gotten in my life.”  He had gotten a speeding ticket and was happy about it. I told you my family was nuts, ha, ha, ha.  He was a mess.

My Aunt Lorraine, She was beautiful. I remember her smile and her laugh. She always loved me and I loved spending time there with her and her boys, my cousins. It was lots of fun . They made over me like I was somebody special. You know how little girls love that crap.

Aunt Lila, well gosh, she is another gone too soon and so loved. I will never forget her loving motherly ways. Her soft spoken voice and her heart of gold made her unique. She would have given you the shirt off her back. She was a precious jewel.

My Cousin Ricky, Lorraine’s son, oh how I hated to see him go. I know he is in a better place, and I thank God he assured us all he was ready to go, but he has children that miss him so much, and grandbabies, and so much of his life had just begun. He died way too soon. This was the story of way too many people in my family unfortunately. We have lost so many early in life. Their lives cut short for one reason or another. I didn’t get to spend any time with Ricky in his last living years and for that I will always regret. I know I will have many regrets in the future as well unless God chooses to take me home next.


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