Make Sure you don’t Miss This!!!!

Are you a fan of Sharon Hamilton’s books? Are you a fan of audio books? If so you will not want to miss the upcoming Audio Book Bash in which Sharon Hamilton, along with voice narrator JD Hart will be there to rock the place. In addition to this bestselling author we have a lineup of other authors who will also be taking over giving you more chances to win prizes including tons of your favorite books in audio format. In addition to all of the amazing authors and giveaways we will also have a chance to flirt errr I mean chat with JD Hart the sexy, soothing voice that helps to bring Sharon Hamilton’s amazing characters to life.

sharon-jd_01Together they take so many well written books to the next level giving you everything thing that you could dream of with each of these stories. Whether you prefer visuals or audio Sharon paints the picture that she wants you to see and with his help they create the perfect packaging for an addictive selection of some of the best military romance and paranormal books that you could ever ask for. Do not miss out on your chance to be a part of this event so go ahead and head over and click the join button if you have yet to do so and remember to share it! Sharon’s newest release is SEAL My Home!

maxresdefaultNever listened to JD Hart’s voice? Check out what your missing out on HERE!

April 17th – The Audio Book Bash Is Coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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