Keanu Raine is a firefighter, and has fought the most dangerous forest fires for years as a smokejumper. His training has served him well, but his ability as a fire elemental has saved lives many times over, and he had no plans to quit any time soon. When he returns home to the Pacific Northwest, he has no clue that the biggest blaze he would ever fight, would be the one that Cammie Masters stirs in his soul.

Cammie has loved Keanu since the day he rescued her when she was a twelve year old girl trapped in a tree. But now, her school girl crush is a woman’s lust. But Keanu has blown into town before, is he really here to stay this time?

Keanu’s investigation into the arson plaguing his hometown is heating up, and so is his relationship with Cammie. But it soon becomes clear that Cammie isn’t a bystander, she is a target. As Keanu tries to uncover the truth, things turn deadly, and as the smoke clears there is more than just one elemental who has their sights set on Cammie.



“Oh baby, we are so much more than stuck together.” He crowded her against the Jeep. “Where the good Lord split me, huh? I think I need to work on splitting you a little more.”
“You’re not going to distract me with your giant penis.” She punctuated each word with a poke of her finger to his chest.
Keanu nuzzled her neck, licking a trail down her throat. “Are you sure about that?”
“I think so.” Cammie gasped. “What are you doing?”
“Making sure you didn’t get cut by any glass.”
“Keanu, I’m pretty sure I didn’t cut my punani during my climb out the window.” The laughter in her voice lifted some of the worry from him.
“So, is that what you call this little slice of heaven?” He rubbed a finger up her slit through the material of her underwear.
“Uh huh,” Cammie moaned.
“Wrap your legs around my waist.”
He was happy when she obliged, and the fact she had flimsy panties on was a major boon. He used her momentary distraction to tear at his fly, releasing his dick and pointing it straight up to paradise. Remembering she was still new to this, he paused.
“Are you too sore?”
“God, no, Keanu. Fuck me.” She helped him by pulling her panties to the side and relaxing her legs, sliding down onto his cock.
“Yes,” they cried in unison.
With her back braced against the vehicle, he used his grip on her ass to guide her body up, down, and up again. He set a furious pace, needing to reaffirm she was safe, that they were both alive.


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