Laken (Immortally Yours Book 1) OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Something primal and instinctual pulls Laken Reid to Corry. After months of watching her from afar, he finds it harder and harder to keep his distance. The pain of being separated from his soul’s mate has become almost unbearable.

But when the enemy of his family learns of Corry, Laken fears for her life. Can he keep her safe from his own world? Or will they both fall at the hands of his enemy?

Corry Bowen has finally earned the freedom from her husband, although there are blank spots in her memory from that night. When a sexy male enters her life, she thinks she may have finally found her dream man. But her life quickly turns into a nightmare.

In a few days she learns not only are vampires real, but her new man just happens to be one. Add to that his enemy determined to kill her to punish Laken and his family, and she begins to wonder if she can handle this new world. Can Corry walk away from the male her heart and soul calls home? Or will she sacrifice herself to keep him safe?


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