Jayne Hyatt

I recently had a conversation with Aubree Lane about Early One Morning which has one of the most original plots I’ve ever come across, not to mention wonderfully drawn characters.

As a very green (read naive, floundering, doubting myself) indie author, I was fortunate to happen across Aubree Lane, who personifies the notion that an author’s best friend is another author. After reading her novel Early One Morning (and being captivated by it) I pulled up my big girl panties and decided to contact her about reading and reviewing my debut novel, Looking for the Good Life. She told me it would be a while before she could get to it, but promised she would eventually read and review it for me.

Frankly, although I was hoping she was being truthful, I didn’t really expect her to follow through. Happily, I was wrong, and was thrilled when she put…

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