Release Day Vodka and Chocolate Drops Jean Oram

Release Day
Vodka and Chocolate Drops
Jean Oram

One woman. One cheating ex. One life do-over. 
Amber Thompson always thought she wanted a superstar boyfriend— until he kicked her to the curb on the eve of his big break. 

When Amber’s best friend, Scott Malone, comes running in to save her once again, she realizes he’s the man she truly wants. The only problem? Scott isn’t interested in pursuing a woman on the rebound.   

Determined to prove she’s ready to commit, Amber comes up with a plan to woo Scott, only to have it derailed by explosive family secrets. With her assumptions about everything— including herself— dismantled, she finds herself torn between a need for answers and protecting her mother’s past. But Amber knows if she has any hope of a meaningful relationship with Scott, she needs to figure out who she is— and that means unearthing even more secrets. 

Will Amber find what she’s looking for? And if she does, will she find it in time to help her win the man of her dreams?


Scott’s brow furrowed as he stopped in a line of traffic waiting at a road construction site. He twisted in his seat again, facing her, her body half cocooned by him with his arm across her seat back. Outside, the sun was setting, the spring air giving the green foothills a glow. He was openly admiring her and Amber wondered what it would be like to allow herself the opportunity to change things between them. What would happen if she gave in to her restless thoughts about him?

She slowly leaned across the console that separated them, watching him carefully. He looked curious, but not at all as if expecting her to graze his lips with hers. She kissed him, almost drawing away before he began reciprocating, his mouth cool and sweet from the milkshake. Heat flooded through Amber, touching areas she hadn’t even known existed. Still kissing, she placed her hands on either side of his mouth, wishing she could climb into his lap and continue this forever.

Just when she thought she’d become lost in him, he broke the kiss, leaning away.

“I thought you wanted this,” she said, trying to ignore the slice of rejection that had cut her open.

Scott was silent for a moment before gently cupping her cheek, caressing it with a rough thumb. “Amber,” he said softly, “you will always be worth waiting for.”

“There’s no wait. I’m right here.” She swallowed hard, uncertain as to why she was crossing the line she had so vigilantly avoided for years, and even more uncertain as to why he was pushing her away. “I’m ready. Ready for this. For us.” Her voice was shaking from the fear ripping through her chest.

“You’re not.”

“I am.” Her voice became soft, her tone begging.

“You’re not ready, Amber, and both you and I know it.”

She stuck out her chin. “I’m ready, Officer Malone.”

He swallowed, his gaze darkening with something she couldn’t identify, but she knew it wasn’t anger. He wanted her, and yet he was saying no.

“I’m not good enough?” She would never be a mayor or a beauty queen or any of the amazing women Scott had dated. But she’d always secretly hoped, way back in the furthest reaches of her mind, that she would be enough for him. She’d been wrong.

“Amber, don’t go down that road.” His eyes were like fire. “You know you’re not ready. I can see it in your eyes.”

“No. I want you.”

“You don’t.” His voice was harsh.

She did. She wanted him. Her best friend. She wanted to fall into his strength and shelter. And that kiss… it had been the beginning of something. Something she’d never felt before. How could he not see that?

“This is too important to mess up,” he said. “When you’re ready we’ll start something good.”


“No?” He quirked a brow, leaning on the console, practically daring her to argue.

“I’m ready and I demand you be my boyfriend. Now.” She pointed at the floorboards of the truck.

Amber Thompson always dreamed of leaving the small town of Blueberry Springs (where everybody knows your name and business) and living an anonymous life in a big city. Fate had other plans for Amber. After her newscaster boyfriend dumps her just as he is releasing a book about her, she begins to see small town life differently. She also starts seeing Scott Malone, her BFF since grade school, in a new light.

Amber has so much upheaval going on in her life. So many secrets have been kept from her for her entire life. When they were revealed, with no explanations or answers, Amber’s world is turned upside down. She is determined to find all the answers. As she seeks the truth, Amber begins to see herself in a new light. To understand what she really wants in life, who she really is, and how to love herself. It is a tumultuous journey but Amber triumphs in the end.I like the way Amber and Scott’s relationship evolved throughout the story. No matter how long he had to wait, Scott needed Amber to be 100% positive she was truly in love with him. That she hadn’t turned to him simply because he was there. I loved him being strong enough to wait for “forever”.

Vodka and Chocolate Drops is a sweet romance. I love romances that leave sex scenes to the imagination. There is heat between Amber and Scott. The chemistry and electricity are obvious. Secondary characters are interesting. I’d love to see Gloria get her own story. The story flows easily and kept my attention. There is romance, humor, and light angst in the story.

Characters from previous Blueberry Springs books appear in this latest addition to the series. While the characters appear in each book, they are all stand alone stories.

I thoroughly enjoyed Vodka and Chocolate Drops and definitely recommend it. Actually, I recommend all of Jean Oram’s sweet romance stories.


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Jean Oram is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who writes contemporary romance (some call it chick lit or romantic comedy, others call it women’s fiction, and usually boys simply call it girly stuff) as well as in a few other genres as time permits. (Check for more of her nonfiction fun!)

Jean was raised listening to vinyl in an old school house in the middle of the Canadian prairie. After trekking through several countries and teaching hundreds of people how to ski, she decided it was time to get a real career and attend university.
After graduating with distinction and a sociology degree, Jean quickly realized she had aimed herself straight for the fast-paced city life, a desk, nine-to-five, and high heels. Fearful for her sanity as well as the health of her feet, she slipped on flats and hid away in a high school library converting teenagers into readers, and enjoying her all-new favorite past time—buying thousands of books with other people’s money. Several years later she began writing her own novels.

Currently, Jean serves as a site moderator at the fabulous AgentQuery Connect’s site for writers and when not writing, Jean has been known to spend her time reading, skiing (both cross-country and downhill), camping in the mountains or across North America–although Alaska is still one of her all-time favs, hiking, jogging 5K in a gorilla suit, as well as other zany things. But generally you can find her in front of her laptop.

She lives in Canada with her husband, two kids, and very large dog who sheds like she’s trying to clone herself.


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  1. Thank you so much for helping me spread the word of my new release. I appreciate your help. I hope your readers enjoy Amber’s misadventures as she tries to pull her life back together after her ex-boyfriend puts her in a book!


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