Catherine Wolffe Has done it again!

Morgan could still feel her touch. The burn ran along his skin in a most enticing way. He straightened his back, giving the steam buggy a good surge forward. Eyes on the road, hands on the wheel. Mind on Miss Sinclair. Damn it! Who was he kidding? The woman had somehow gotten past his guard.

Fall in Love with Morgan Latimar for yourself as you read this sexy sweet love story. He will steal your heart as he did Laura’s.


Morgan Latimar seeks a nanny for his children. Being a Creole and a shifter makes the search hazardous for him as well as his family. The woman who accepted the position can never know his secret. Yet, despite his Wolfen wisdom, Morgan falls for the passionate, Laura Sinclair.

Laura Sinclair answers the post from the mysterious man from Louisiana. Soon she’s thrown into the world of Voodoo and black magic deep in the heart of Creole New Orleans of 1872. How can she perform the job she was hired to do when she’s falling in love with the handsome Morgan Latimar. What secrets will she reveal and who will she believe?

catherine wolffe

Writing is a wonder-filled world I love to immerse myself in every chance I get. I’m thrilled to share the experience one story at a time.

Desire’s Embrace – My latest paranormal, historical romance is set in 1872 Creole New Orleans where Voodoo is alive and well. The book releases September 30, 2015. Pre-orders are now available!

The Loflin Legacy is a pure Western romance series. Comanche Haven, book 1 and Casey’s Gunslinger, book 2 encompass the series with more to come in the future.

The Western Werewolf Legend series mixes paranormal romance with the American Civil War and the wild west. It’s an action packed surprise one book after the next. There’s ‘The Lady in the Mist, followed by ‘Waking Up Dead’ and finally, ‘Wolfen Secrets’ complete the trio.

I hope you’ll join me in my journey of steamy romance, struggle and discovery as I paint pictures in history. Thanks for dropping by!

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