Body Apology Part 2

The giveaway has officially ended for Andrea’s guest post on body apology, and if you’ve won, you’ve been contacted. Congratulations. I hope you and your kiddos (if applicable) enjoy it. 🙂

Now, I was talking to a fellow author about my blog and the body apology guest post, and I decided that I wanted to do one for myself. I want to apologize to my body — and God for ever doubting myself.

Here it is…

I'm sorry

Dear Body,

I’m sorry for hating you. I’m sorry that I thought you were ugly. I’m sorry that I tortured you with emotional eating (and simply just emotions).

I’m sorry I thought baggy t-shirts would hide you from the world and the shame that I felt because you were so big. I’m sorry that I yo-yo dieted with you when I should have stuck to a diet plan or just let you be.

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