The Blessing of True Friends and Family

The Vestal Family’s Journey continues!

The Faith Full Wife

The last couple of weeks have been pretty difficult for Bobby. Leaving the house even just to ride with me to the store is a rare treat that he pays for dearly. When he does go out the heat and the over stimulation of the surroundings generally cause him to have seizures, which in turn will often trigger a panic attack. His pain levels have elevated, so the doctors have had to increase his pain medication again. His anxiety seems to be getting worse also. He misses his friends. He misses all of the things he would normally be doing like traveling, going to car shows, festivals, concerts, and ball games. He (WE) are very grateful for the family and friends who have stepped up and been there to help even just by calling, sending a card, or stopping by for a visit. I really hate seeing him so upset that the…

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