Barefoot Bay Kindle World

Barefoot Bay Kindle World
Brought to you by Roxanne St. Claire
When a workaholic
graphic designer and a handsome pastor meet at a funeral on the tropical island
of Mimosa Key, an unexpected attraction surfaces.
But the timing isn’t
right for either of them.   
Andrea (Andi) Morgan is
working toward a promotion to art director of a lifestyle magazine in Minnesota
when she is called to Florida for the funeral of her mother’s significant
other. She takes a three-day funeral leave and is surprised to learn that her
mother has dementia and can no longer live in the house alone.
Andi is torn between
work and family, and is overwhelmed by the items on her to-do list that need to
be done in three days.  
Matthew (Matt) Cooke,
assistant pastor at Hope Presbyterian Church, is the bearer of bad news for
both the funeral and her mother’s health condition. But he redeems himself with
carefully chosen words and his comforting touch settles into all the right
places as he helps Andi navigate the process of moving her mother into a memory
care facility.
Andi extends her family
leave for another week and the connection between them grows. She is also able
to begin repairing the relationship with her mother, who she hasn’t
seen in four years.
But behind his seemingly
perfect exterior, Matt carries a secret that he waits too long to reveal to
Andi for fear that she won’t want him. He looks for the right time, but
something always comes up. She learns from the gossipy church secretary that he
has a 10-year-old daughter. He never married the mother, who he’d known since
high school, and he shares that it was the ultimate act of grace that the
church membership installed him as assistant pastor even with his past.
Although she is shocked
at the news, Andi is less upset about the fact that he has a daughter and more
concerned that he didn’t trust her enough to share the information. And just
when she thinks things couldn’t get worse, the art director promotion is given
to someone else in her absence. To top it off, her mother doesn’t remember her
when she goes to play bingo with her and all seems lost.
But Andi has a change of
heart when she receives much-needed words of wisdom from the church secretary
and sees Matt practicing softball with his daughter. She decides to stay in
Mimosa Key, start her own freelance graphic design business and put family
before her career.
What she saw as an
interruption in her life a week ago has turned out to be so much more: a
repaired relationship with her mother, a God-loving man and a little girl she
could look forward to building a future with.
“Dex” Dexter has been undercover so long, and so deep, that even he can’t
separate the real Dex from his cover story anymore. A week in Barefoot Bay
would sound like paradise to anyone else, but to Dex it sounds like way too
much time to spend alone with his own thoughts, until he meets Amelia Barton,
then he thinks it might not be enough time.
Barton had her whole life planned out like she plans a recipe for one of her
decadent cakes, but somewhere along the she got seriously off track. When a
cheating fiancée is exposed she decides to take her dream honeymoon alone.
Barefoot Bay feels more like home to her than she’s ever felt in the rural
Alaska. And then there’s the sexy cop who seems unsure whether he wants to pull
her closer, or keep her at arm’s length.
Amelia knows which one she wants him to do.
Dex’s cover is blown and the drug cartel follows him to Barefoot Bay, Amelia is
suddenly a target. Dex is determined to keep her safe, but the only way he can
see to do that is by keeping her away from him. Amelia has finally found the
recipe for her sweet life, but can she convince Dex that their love is worth
the risk?
Tracking down leads to his
partner’s murder was all that mattered to Detective Noah Donavan, and finding
Marco Talarico was his number one priority.  When his captain makes him
take vacation or face suspension, Noah uses the time to do some sleuthing in
Barefoot Bay, the location of his suspect.
Luciana Talarico has been
dreaming of making a name for herself her entire life. When her new business
idea finals in the Golden Ticket Contest, she can’t get out of New York fast
enough–saying goodbye to her dead end job and her overbearing family.
Too bad her dead beat brother picks that moment to get into
trouble—again!  If that weren’t enough, running head first into Noah is a
distraction her heart wants but could ruin everything. 
Noah uses his connections in
Barefoot Bay to go undercover.  Using Marco’s sister, Luciana isn’t the
best idea he’s ever had but it’s the only one he’s got.  Too bad she’s
everything he could hope for and more.  When the two meet the sparks fly,
but with so much at risk for both of them, will they give in to their hearts?
Fans love PERFECT
MATCH, the TV reality show taped at Barefoot Bay that guarantees soul mates a
happy ever after.
Harper Ward, the
brainiac girl geek developer of a high-tech matchmaking protocol that rocketed
PERFECT MATCH to the top of TV reality show ratings, believes her technology is
foolproof. After all, every couple matched so far is married, engaged or
happily dating. When the producers ask her to find a match for Luke Chapman,
one of the youngest and wealthiest tech moguls in the world, it’s a chance for
Harper to pitch her secret project, Virtual Cupid—the innovative dating app she
hopes to take public.
But when Harper hits
enter and the program spits out the name of Luke’s ideal match, it’s
immediately apparent there’s been some kind of mistake. She’s five hundred
percent certain she removed her personal data after the beta testing phase, so
why is she Luke’s perfect match? As Harper desperately tries to recalculate and
recalibrate, it’s not just her technology that’s at risk of crashing…but also
her heart.
A guy, a girl and a
ghost prove true love withstands time and knows no boundaries.
Shay O’Malley moved to
Mimosa Key, Florida to leave her past behind and help her Gram move
forward. But Shay’s plans evaporate into thin air when a team of
paranormal investigators shows up to try to prove her long-dead
grandfather is still hanging around—much to her grandmother’s delight and to
Shay’s dismay. How is she supposed to make a clean start when one of the team
turns out to be a ghost from her past—and feelings she thought were dead and
buried materialize again?
For zookeeper/ghost
hunter, Colin Mackay it’s another typical day filled with lions, tigers, and
ghosts. Or not, as he’s never found the proof he needs to make him a true believer.
He’s been on a hundred investigations over the years, and not much shocks him,
except seeing Shay O’Malley again. It doesn’t take special equipment to know
that electromagnetic energy still sizzles between them.
They join forces to
prove, once and for all, ghosts don’t exist. In order to succeed, they’ll have
to put the past behind them, which is always easier said than done. With a
little supernatural help they just may learn to have faith, trust and love will
Nick DeMarco
was a covert operative who breezed in and out of the lives of the people he
cared about, often without warning. This included his sister Josie’s best
friend, Lila Novak.
Nick and
Lila had a torrid affair the last time he dropped into Barefoot Bay, and
memories of her kept him going when his last mission went bad. Now that he’s
back, possibly for the long haul, he hopes Lila will forgive him for
disappearing without a word.
Lila loves
her life as a teacher at Mimosa High School, but her affair with Nick has
thrown her a curveball she never expected. Carrying his baby, she’s faced with
the loss of her job unless she agrees to to do the last thing she wants to do –
marry him.
The guy who never quite
fit in
The girl who got away
A new life…a new start
And seeing forever in
her eyes
Shannon Wilde moved to
Mimosa Key for a reboot. Leaving a string of bad boyfriends and bad decisions
behind her, she’s ready for a new life by the Gulf in Barefoot Bay. Her job at
the Eucalyptus Spa at Casa Blanca Resort gives her the chance to start her life
Billy Harris grew up on
his uncle’s ranch as a poor relation. To his shock, the man left him a fortune
when he died. Now Billy is buying his own piece of land in Cypress Corners,
Florida, and plans to model his goat farm and visitor center after the amazing
project planned on Barefoot Bay. He wants to make something of himself. Maybe
then he can finally forget the girl who got away.
Billy and Shannon had
one incredible night together six months ago, and since then he’s been carrying
a torch for her. He watched as she fell for one jerk after another, and vows
that if they ever get together again he’ll make sure she sticks with him.
When Billy shows up at the
spa, Shannon’s stunned. He’s hot and sweet, and the best guy she’s ever known.
He’s also the one guy who knows all of her dirty secrets. Still, she can’t deny
the attraction that sizzles between them. Or how good he makes her feel about
Will Billy be able to
convince Shannon that they have a chance at forever?
Or will she deny the
love he sees in her eyes?
My Baby
is a cross between You’ve Got Mail and Cinderella with a dash of Ru Paul.
Kelly Edwards returned to her hometown
of Mimosa Key to put some distance between her and her boss, Rafael Martinez,
who she’s half in love with but is way out of her league and to possibly start
a family on her own.  Thanks to a
computer virus, her email contemplating having a child using a donor goes to
Rafe instead of her sister.  He sees it
as a way to get an heir without risking his heart.  But when Kelly gets a makeover from her high
school friend who’s now a world class female impersonator, will Rafe’s offer be
enough or will he need to up the ante to marriage?  If he does, will he be able to protect his
heart from a woman who is able to disarm his defenses? 
Sophia White’s wicked stepmother attempts to nab complete control of Kingdom
Cosmetics with trickery, Sophia flees the downtown Manhattan apartment for the
shores of Barefoot Bay until she can have an opportunity to take her deceased
parents’ company back. There she winds up with seven adorable pets and the idea
to start a pet spa at the local upscale resort, The Casa Blanca.
Sophia made her escape, she isn’t forgotten. Her stepmother seethes in her
penthouse apartment and plots for control of Kingdom Cosmetics. Waiting until
the time is right, she sends a man as her poisoned apple to do her bidding.
Chase may be treated like a huntsman, but he’s not going to (metaphorically)
stab Sophia in the heart. He loves her too much. But Peirce can’t just walk
away. The evil wannabe queen has blackmailed him into working for her. If he
can’t convince Sophia to sign over her shares of the company, he’s off to jail
for a murder he didn’t commit.
into an idyllic romance at the beach wasn’t in either of their plans and it may
be the thing that shatters them both.
AS SAND is a retelling of the classic Snow White fairy tale set in a small town
contemporary romance atmosphere.
An anniversary celebration they’d never
forget…in Barefoot Bay!
Chloe accepted that once again she’d be
celebrating their anniversary alone while Logan was deployed in
Afghanistan.  She should be used to it,
except she wasn’t.  It was their tenth
and she’d hoped somehow things would be different, especially when she finds
out she’s pregnant with their third child.
Logan’s offered an assignment he can’t
pass up—especially since he’ll be able to surprise his wife for their
anniversary.  With a romantic weekend
planned in Barefoot Bay, he couldn’t wait to get home and see the look on
Chloe’s face. 
After being whisked away to the
exclusive Casa Blanca resort, Chloe wrestles with the decision whether or not
to tell Logan about the baby. Struggling with the thought of raising another
child by herself while he’s in constant danger and thousands of miles away
weighs on her heart.  Will it be a
welcome surprise or ruin their special weekend? 
When you owe a man for
saving your life, calling in a favor isn’t a big deal. Right?
Dominic “Dom”
Karras, hot-shot Air Force veteran once flew pararescue missions in war zones.
Now he flies for a multi-national black ops group, the Hard Target team. When
Gabe Rossi calls in a favor, Dom isn’t expecting to play the white knight to a
young mother on the run.
With the lives of her
twins on the line, who can she trust?
Peony “Peni”
Comanescu is coerced into becoming the surrogate mother for a powerful man. He
wants a son for his heir. A daughter is just a messy complication. When Peni
discovers the depth of his evil, she runs away to save her newborn children.
With a million dollar bounty now on her head, Peni and her twins hide at
Barefoot Bay, sheltered by strangers.
When a Romanian mobster
arrives to claim his son, there’s only one thing to do…
Determined to protect
Peni and her children, Dom calls for reinforcements. With two babies caught in
the crossfire, there’s more than love at stake—there’s DOUBLE TROUBLE for Dom
and the Hard Target team.


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